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Offering several types of wellness therapies, Amethyst Road is your go-to place for eliminating core pain, alleviating inflammation, pulling toxins, reducing stress, improving sleep, and so much more.  At our facility, you will experience Massage Therapy, Asian Bodywork, Cupping Therapy, Cellulite Cupping, Vacuum Cupping, Tuning Forks Therapy, BioMagnetic Therapy, Pestle Needle Therapy, Whole Body Cryo-Therapy, Sports Injury Cryo Treatments, Oxygen Lounge, Ionic Foot Detox, Normatec Leg Compression Boots, Infrared Light Therapy, Reiki Healing, Body Wraps & Scrubs, Esthetician Services, Skincare & Facials, Ayurvedic Treatments, Shirodhara, Udvantara, Swedana, Pinda Swedana, Garshana, Karnapoorna, Korean Seaweed Wrap, 
​​​If you are searching for alternative healing, look no further.  Amethyst Road is here for you with everything under one roof.

Cupping Therapy Methods

Cupping is great for relieving Sciatic Pain, IT Band, Meniscus Pain, Strained Muscles, Plantar Fasciitis, Tennis Elbow, Frozen Shoulder, Runner's Knee, Lower Lumbar Pain, Migraines, TMJ, Neck Pain, Inflammation, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Relaxation & Wellbeing, ETC......

This technique calls for magnets attached to the cups.  The body behaves like a battery.  ​It can be charged and discharged and ​even be drained of energy. Evidence shows that magnets stimulates and enhances ​the body's natural healing process. 

Biomagnetic Cupping

Dynamic cupping is when the cups are moved during the treatment.  To enable ​this to happen, your therapist will use an oil to lubricate the area of the skin that is being treated.  Often these oils will be infused with essential oils and herbs. 

Dynamic Cupping

Fire cupping involves soaking a cotton ball in 99% alcohol.  The cotton is then clamped and lit.  It is then placed into the cup, quickly removed, and placed on the skin.  Fire heats the inside and suction is created by cooling and contracting.





The negative pressure of orthopedic cupping rapidly removes adhesions by lifting and releasing contracted and restricted muscles up and away from the underlying structures. Cupping increases blood flow, bringing healthy nutrients ​to the ischemic muscle tissue.  Orthopedic Cupping effectively treats Rotator Cuff, Piriformis Syndrome, Sciatica, Calf Pain, ITB Syndrome & Plantar Fasciitis.



Besides Cupping for injury and recovery, Olympic trainers use suction to draw toxins from the swimmer's bodies. Cumulative Cupping treatments increase muscle endurance, circulation, lung capacity, lymphatic drainage and health maintenance.  Many athletes incorporate it into their training to enhance overall performance, agility and the ability ​to recover from training.



Stationary Cupping improves blood
circulation to the area and can be used as pain management.  Stagnation is the cause of pain. Once stagnation is removed, one can experience immediate pain relief.  The cup is applied with suction and left on the problem area for 10-15 minutes to stretch the muscle and remove excess lactic acid.  The healing results are cumulative.



Cupping Massage is a form of therapeutic Asian Bodywork that is used to facilitate deep tissue release and aid in bringing about numerous health benefits to the body, such as: Enhanced flexibility, Lymphatic/blood circulation, Tissue nourishment, & Body detoxification.  This technique focuses on reducing stagnation & restrictions in problem areas, by breaking down knots, and by helping to increase fluid circulation.  This method can be done as light or as deep.

Facial Cupping

Cups are used in Face Cupping to lift the facial tissue, mimicking the pumping movements of lymphatic drainage. The benefits include increased local circulation of the skin, increased nutrients brought to the epidermis, and enhanced absorption of facia ​topical.  Lines and wrinkles will plump and scar tissue will soften from the negative pressure, making it an exceptionally powerful and surprisingly relaxing enhancement to advanced facial treatments.



(Gluts, Hips & Thighs)
Light pressure provides drainage, while
the heavier applications can be used to stimulate circulation and loosen the connective tissues or orange peel appearance.  The affected areas should be treated prior to any body wrapping, to enhance the absorption of the topical. Powerful lymphatic drainage loosens adhesions and connective
tissue, moves stagnation, increases
​circulation and clears toxins.

What is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping Therapy is more commonly associated with ancient Chinese culture and is considered a form of traditional Chinese medicine. The term cupping is used to describe a technique where small glass/bamboo/silicone cups are used as suction devices on the skin.
There are different ways to create this suction.  The most common method involves using heat.  The therapist may apply rubbing alcohol to a cottenball, light it and then apply the heated cup directly onto the skin.
The suction causes the skin and superficial muscle to gently lift up into the cup.  In this way, the therapy can be considered as an inversion of massage.  Instead of applying a pressure downward on the muscles, cupping uses pressure upwards to lift the muscles.  For many, this provides a relaxing sensation.

​Cupping is very beneficial for many conditions such as high blood pressure, anxiety, fatigue, chronic headache, fibromyalgia and neuralgia.  Contracted, congested muscle tissue will soften quickly with only a few minutes of Negative Pressure Massage Cupping.  Negative pressure, rather than tissue compression is superior for bodywork.  Cupping is great for pain management, repetitive strains, inflammation, toxicity, chronic fatigue, digestive problems and a slough of other issue we confront as we grow older.

Suction cups rapidly facilitate rigid soft tissue release, loosens & lifts connective tissue, breaks up and drains stagnation while increasing blood & lymph flow to skin & muscles in ways not possible using compression.
Used on the back, the larger cups will mimic the rolling action of myofascial release without discomfort to the client.  The variety of movements can be long and draining, circular and vibrational for stimulatiion and for areas of stubborn knots and rigid tissue.  The skin will redden with strong pressure, indicating that the circulation has been brought to the surface.

Another benefit of Cupping is that it can feel really great when done properly.  The pulling action engages the parasympathetic nervous system, thus allowing a deep relaxation to move through the entire body.  It is not unusual to fall asleep when receiving treatment.  You will be surprised how relaxed, warm and light you'll feel.  

Application of lotions, gels, analgesics, tinctures, hydrosols and essential oils immediately post treatment will facilitate absorption of the product deeper into the tissue.  The increased blood supply to the local muscles and skin will bring nourishment and stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems to carry away stagnation and toxins.

Potential Health Benefits of Cupping Therapy

The aim of applying this pressure is to loosen and relax muscles, encourage blood flow, release toxins and relax the nervous system.  Cupping therapy has many uses, but it is most commonly used for the following concerns:

  • Stretches Muscle and Connective Tissues

  • Pulls blood supply to the Skin

  • Facilitates the movement of Qi and Blood systemically and locally

  • Strengthens the immune system by promoting the flow of lymphatic fluid

  • Relieves Inflammation

  • anxiety

  • skin problems

  • high blood pressure

  • Cleans the blood and lymph and helps to balance PH levels

  • Pulls blood supply to the Skin

  • respiratory problems

  • Moves stagnation and drains fluids

  • ​​back, neck & general body pain

  • ​Breaks Up and Expels Congestion​

  • migraines

  • fatigue

​There are many Cupping benefits ranging from relaxation and improved well-being to pain relief.  The skin is the body's largest organ, and Cupping Therapy is a beneficial therapy.

Benefits Physically & Mentally

The following are benefits to cupping therapy and how it affects you both physically and mentally.

1.  Improved flow of energy.....
In traditional Chinese medicine the flow of energy (or Qi) is very important.  When blockages occur, it is believed that illness and pain follow.  This is why many techniques used in Chinese medicine focus on freeing up energy.
The meridian system is a network of energy channels, each linking to various body parts.  Cupping therapy works within this system, with many therapists placing cups on meridian points.  Therapists believe by encouraging a good flow of Qi, the body becomes more able to heal itself naturally. 
2.  Encourages detoxification.....
The body naturally flushes out toxins we accumulate.  This normally happens through the lymph fluids.  Cupping is thought to aid this process as it stimulates blood and lymph flow.  Increasing the supply of healthy, oxygenated blood to muscles and skin brings nourishment and allows toxins to be carried away by the lymph.

3.  Helps to relieve pain.....
As this therapy has a similar effect on the muscles as a massage does, it can be useful for relieving muscular pain.  This is because it loosens tissues and promotes healing.  For those who suffer from chronic conditions like Fibromyalgia, cupping therapy can be especially beneficial when used alongside medication and physical therapy.

4.  Eases tense muscles.....
Tense muscles can have a multitude of side effects.  These can range from headaches and stress to neck and back pain.  Cupping works to soften underlying muscle tissues and break up knotted areas.  This leads to looser and more flexible muscles.  When your body is free from tension, you may find it easier for your mind to follow suit.

5.  Promotes relaxation.....
One of the best-known cupping benefits is relaxation.  The sensation is akin to a massage (especially in moving cupping), making it pleasurable and incredibly relaxing.  Many people report a warm tingling sensation that lasts long after the treatment ends.
The therapy also has a sedating effect on the nervous system.  This makes it useful when addressing conditions such as high blood pressure, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia and tension headaches.

6.  Other uses.....
Some therapists use the therapy in a more cosmetic nature.  For example, many say one of the key cupping benefits is its ability to reduce cellulite.  The theory behind this is that the suction provides drainage and boosts circulation, which loosens adhesions or 'dimples'.  


**As Cupping is a complementary therapy, it is advised that you use it alongside any medical treatment you are receiving from your health care provider.