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Offering several types of wellness therapies, Amethyst Road is your go-to place for eliminating core pain, alleviating inflammation, pulling toxins, reducing stress, improving sleep, and so much more.  At our facility, you will experience Massage Therapy, Asian Bodywork, Cupping Therapy, Cellulite Cupping, Vacuum Cupping, Tuning Forks Therapy, BioMagnetic Therapy, Pestle Needle Therapy, Whole Body Cryo-Therapy, Sports Injury Cryo Treatments, Oxygen Lounge, Ionic Foot Detox, Normatec Leg Compression Boots, Infrared Light Therapy, Reiki Healing, Body Wraps & Scrubs, Esthetician Services, Skincare & Facials, Ayurvedic Treatments, Shirodhara, Udvantara, Swedana, Pinda Swedana, Garshana, Karnapoorna, Korean Seaweed Wrap, 
​​​If you are searching for alternative healing, look no further.  Amethyst Road is here for you with everything under one roof.

GuaSha Asian Facial  & BojinTherapy

How Can It Slim Your Face?

Facial therapy using GuaSha technique can further help remove excess bloating, toning up and firming sagging skin around your neck that can contribute to a rounder face.
This is a temporary solution and it is recommended to include this in your regular skincare regimen.  GuaSha Therapy can increase blood circulation and remove toxins to prevent wrinkles and aging which is overall better for your skin.

Why GuaSha Asian Facial/Bojin Therapy is great?

Gua Sha is great because it comes with so many benefits.  Some benefits of include:

  • Attain a brighter, radiant and healthier skin

  • Cells are activated and face regains elasticity

  • Detoxifies skin

  • Double chin reduced

  • Enhances absorption ability for skincare and makeup products

  • Uplifts sagging skin to become more supple / firmer

  • Improve skin cells growth and renewal

  • Iron out fine lines and wrinkles

  • Promotes a healthy and younger-looking skin

  • Promotes blood circulation, activates the energy

  • Helps to tone the face

  • Release of stress

  • Removes dark circles/eye bags / puffy eyes

  • Smoother skin, youthful look

  • Uneven tone improved